Nutrition & Health

Healthy lifestyle is inseparably linked to well-being in which nowadays there are still many challenges within this field. Kasia's passion lies in inspiring and motivating people for a grip on their own health and lifestyle: " Make ideas happen!".

Kasia has been a teacher at the Design Academy Eindhoven for a full semester, where she inspired the students of "man & well-being" design. 

Her educational background began in Health Science but has spread towards many other subjects. With her Hot Yoga & Vinyasa yoga certificates and her UK Nutrition & Sports education, Kasia created an holistic approach to human well-being. She has also been MovNat certified, experiencing the ability of humans to fully adapt and move in a natural setting, in the jungles of Kenya, Costa Rica and Thailand. Back to primal foods and primal living.

In 2018 she started her in-depth research in the "Human Microbiome" of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) on microbiology of the human intestinal flora in relation to health that radically changed her life after fighting with Lyme disease. She is therefore even more enthusiastic to draw strength from her own experience and to be able to think further. In 2020 she continued her education at Wageningen University by doing the certified MOOC's modules in Nutrition & Health for further knowledge about Macro- & Micronutrients.