Hi this is Kasia! 

As the first female Tea sommelier Champion in The Netherlands 2010 and second Tea Champion of the World 2011(USA), Kasia is an expert when it comes to Tea innovation. 

Kasia works internationally setting up new concepts and is highly valued for her vision on the future combining her passion and education in Health & Wellbeing. 
She has written for various magazines and is known in The Netherlands for her TV episodes for 24Kitchen.

She has been a speaker on the Food Inspiration Days in 2011 and contributed many of her travel- and trend reports in the Food Inspiration Magazines. 

"For Kasia food is an experience, stimulating all your senses. She loves pure, fresh, unprocessed and as colorful foods as possible. For her cooking is also sharing, giving energy to the people she cares for, to enjoy and relax. "I love to order various dishes in a restaurant together and to share and taste it with each other."

But even if Kasia eats alone, her plate will always look beautiful and made with true dedication. " Food has to live for me as it is our main life force, and yes that includes eating with hands occasionally but most of all sharing it with like minded people you love and care for." 

Food is also an emotion and for Kasia very strongly linked to memories. The homemade gherkin soup from her Polish granny and her freshly bottled raspberry juice, the morning Earl grey tea in her Polish grandmothers little kitchen, the outdoor holidays where they ate around a campfire of a simple skewer, her first fresh coconut in Thailand: these are experiences that have made an incredible impression on her. 

According to Kasia, healthy eating and living is not so much about following a strict diet. It is about learning to discover your own taste, to understand nutrition as something beautiful, colorful and pure. When you hold this thought, you will soon realize that food can be your friend and not your enemy. Even when you try to shred some kilos! "